Villa Triagoz has decided to declare war on mosquitoes.

The ‘tiger’ mosquito is a small insect, about half a centimeter, which comes and lives in the islands, close to our habitats. The female bites at the end or the beginning of the day and lays their eggs in stagnant water. The life of mosquitoes in the larval stage is about ten days then need 2 or 3 days for the larvae to turns into mosquito.

Water tanks that are found in almost all the St Bart’s villas are the preferred breeding sites for mosquitoes. It is therefore necessary to treat each villa’s tanks because the insects move so little and therefore the villas generate their own mosquitoes.

At the Villa Triagoz, the biological treatment that we decide to apply to our tank eradicates more than 80% of the mosquitoes. To get ride of the lasting mosquitoes that are beyond the treatment of the water tank, we installed an additional method: the trapping technology of Biogents‘ systems.

Unlike other mosquitoes, the ‘tiger’ mosquitos need only a lure imitating human scent for to be captured. The trapping of technology Biogents’ systems is efficient on many species of mosquitoes. It contains lactic acid, the main component of human scent. The trapping technology of Biogents‘ systems won the Development Market Place 2007 under the World Bank and was recognized as a gold standard in the trapping of tiger mosquitoes by Rutgers University in the United States in 2010

We now believe that we have greatly reduced the presence of mosquitoes at Villa Triagoz and we wish you great holidays in our villa.